No shame on menstruation

My experience of first periods is different from all. When I was 10 and a half years old, my mom called me on her room. She discussed about periods with me. After 6 months, one day I retured from school. I went for a shower and saw a lot of blood on the commode. I remembered what my mom told me about periods. She said its very natural and there is nothing to worry about, it’s not an impediment to do anything. I rushed to my mom’s room and told her everything. She said, “I was wondering why you have red colour on your uniform? You have grown up. I am so happy.” She hugged me and promised me to gift me a pair of gold earrings because I ‘grew up’. Mom and dad both were so happy that day.
Now I’m 16 and I don’t even feel shame to discuss about periods even with my dad. I am waiting for a day when every girl will be congratulated for having their first periods.
And yes, I am so #happytobleed
December 6, 2015


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