Easiest way to make a chocolate mirror cake

I saw a lot of techniques of making a mirror cake. Some classmetes from my old school invited me to their rag day. I was thinking about making a mirror cake for them but I almost had no time. Here’s a step by step process of a easy chocolate glazed mirror cake.Ingredients: Cakemix, frosting, coco powder (1 cup), sugar (1.5 cups), water (2 cups)

1. Make a chocolate cake. You can use a cakemix or use a recipe of chocolate cake.

2. Frost the cake.

3. In a pan, mix the coco powder, sugar and water.

4. Cook the mixture.

5. Wait until the mixture becomes thick and glossy. 

6. Let the mixture cool.

7. Pour it over the cake.

Your delicious mirror cake is ready to be served!



  1. Hey I too wanted to try to make one, but haven’t had the time or opportunity. Thanks for this. If I get around to it, I’ll let you know how mine works out. however, I think I’ll go for butter instead of chocolate now that Im thinking of it. 🙂

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