Every Step Matters

My path has always led me to enjoy my  life. I had so many ups and downs in my life. There was a time when I was frustrated about almost everything, but happily in a short amount of time I realized that life is a gift. Everybody has problems, everybody makes mistakes and everybody has some people in their lives who will always try to let them down. Besides people who try to let me down, I found out that there is thousands of people who inspire me. But my father, my uncle Shajib, Simu baiya, Diya apu , my teacher Keya Haydar, Stephen Hawking and Surfer Bethany Hamilton – they are my biggest  inspirations. Sometimes I try to copy them. Then I knew that they might inspire me but I am who I am. Why should I messure the world by someone else’s design? If Stephen Hawking can be a famous scientist with Motor Neurone disease, Bethany Hamilton can be a wonderful surfer with one arm bitten by a shark, why can’t I? I know I can. I try to enjoy my life by reading books, writing, swimming and baking cakes. I also volunteer for a teen magazine in Bangladesh called Kishor Alo. A few of my writings got published. One writing also got published in a Canadian newspaper. And now my goal is to write a book and get it published in the next book fair. I want to help people who are frustrated with their lives. I am now  a ninth grader. I have interest in phycology. I also wanna continue writing, learn surfing and open a cake shop. And most importantly, I want to  enjoy my life. As Stephen Hawking says, “However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do and succed at. While there is life, there is hope.” By the way, I’m planning to pet two turtles. One will be called ‘Stephen’, other will be called ‘Hawking’

August 14, 2015


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