Hello world! I am Farhat Mrittika. I was very introverted when I was a kid. I barely went out and almost had no friends.I never did any productive works. When I was at 6th grade, one day my dad bought me a book titled “Swiss Family Robinson”. I read the book at a single sitting. I enjoyed the book and started reading more. Humayun Ahmed, Muhammed Zafor Iqbal, Henry Rider Haggard, Anne Frank, Mark Twin and what not! My life travelled on a different enlightened road. One day I wrote about my personal experience about our little house. My dad read it and told me to continue writing. I started my own journal. I also wrote for Kishor Alo (First magazine in Bangladesh for teenagers),  Rosh+Alo (A fun magazine), hello.bdnews24.com (An online newspaper and a platform for young journalists). Even though I usually read fictions, I write non-fictions more. I went out and made some awesome friends. I started loving my life. My mom was fond of baking. From my childhood, I constantly saw her bake something for us. I learned how to bake a cake from her. My love and passion for baking grew. I also love swimming, clicking photographs and travelling. This blog is for sharing interesting experiences about my life and publishing some recipes of my favourite desserts. Enjoy!


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